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Technospirit - Corporate Leadership Training

Welcome to your home! I believe there is a reason you are here... We at Technospirit; believe in creating inner transformation and addressing the "How" of change; rather than stopping at the Why and What. All interventions are simple, practical and brings real change in people. Less of theory and more of experience. I invite you all to participate wholeheartedly and look forward to meeting you soon! Whether you are looking for Corporate Leadership Trainings or training in negotiation skills or for your team leadership trainings and exercises, we at Techno Spirit have the right solutions for you. With over 20 years of experience, and having helped hundreds of brands- from Small medium businesses to large corporates and aspiring individuals, we are well placed to customise and deliver corporate leadership trainings across the Globe. From soft skills to negotiation skills, we work with your teams to ensure they deliver excellence in service standards, while portraying value to a potential customer during the sales process and beyond.

Leadership Trainings

Yes, we understand that the success of a team depends on how it is led by the men at the helm of things. We provide customised corporate leadership trainings to individuals who matter. We also ensure this gets funnelled to the team. There are, of course, programs to ensure team leadership training so each team optimises its operations

Communication Skills Trainings

Communication is key to each aspect of our business and it could send the right signals to the stake holders or otherwise. We understand each organisation and situation is unique, hence we work closely with the stake holders to ensure the right communication strategy and approach becomes nothing less than the culture imbibed within.

Public Speaking Trainings

Whatever you say matters, period! How you address the audience, however small it may be, it leaves an impression you may find it hard to shake off. Public speaking is not always about addressing large audiences, but also about small interactions that display the right confidence and negotiation skills that influence the results.

Business Networking

Perhaps, the best sales strategy and the most underwritten one, business networking is key to your sales and revenue funnels. Your relationships and referrals will always give you more credibility than a process that starts at cold calling and you try and build a relationship along the way. Reach us for business networking strategies.

Alternative Healing

There are times you are faced with a situation you are finding hard to defer, let it be known that then the answers often lay within yourself. Confused? Well, don’t be. The mind has all the solutions you seek, irrespective of the kind of challenge. We work with your sub conscious to find answers and solutions to your challenges.

Transformational Coaching

Think big- you would have heard this before! It is easier preached than practised. We have worked with individuals to transform the way they think, act, react and approach their vision, work and life to ensure, they start reaping bigger benefits out of the same efforts. Reach us if you want to make it big within a stipulated period.


Joyous Leadership Program

Coach | Trainer | Consultant | 20 years Fortune 500 experience | HP | Wipro | Airtel | Heartfulness Certified Trainer | Toastmasters | BNI | Practical, Simple and Full of Joy

negotiation skills training program
20Years Experience
1800People Trained
115Conducted Programs

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KAUSHALAM – Excellence in action

9:00 am - 3:00 pm HeartfulnessInstitute, BMA, Manapakkam,Chennai
Heartfulness meditative techniques are the foundation stone of these seminars and focus on the "How" of change.

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