Business Network International is the world’s largest referral marketing organization. It has franchisees across 300 countries and 4000 plus chapters. BNI Achievers is one among 6 chapters at Kochi with 47 members, all from different industries. The philosophy of BNI is summed up in 2 words…. Givers Gain.

I am an esteemed BNI member in the “Achievers” chapter at Kochi since 2016. I am also a Training Ambassador for the Member Success Program.

Being a BNI member teaches you so much- including Leadership communications and soft skills. It is in many words, an MBA for Corporate leadership trainings for business leaders, who often forget the basics they need to be in touch with while executing their works or pitching in for sales.
As a leadership communications skills trainer myself, and one who works on employee soft skills training, beyond management and leadership training, I have also contributed to BNI trainings for my fellow regional members. Quite often business owners, some of who have never been a B School learn so much including leadership communication skills, business networking and management skills & develop competences that help them reach higher levels of success at work!
It has been a great experience here and one of the strongest foundations for business that can be built!

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