Entrepreneur Training

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From Employee to Entrepreneur

An unique comprehensive program which focuses on making the much needed shift from an employee to running your own successful business.   Personal experience gives an authentic taste to this workshop.

Management and leadership training
Whether its small businesses or a fairly large one, management and leadership training comes in handy for you as a business leader at every step.

Business Negotiation skills training
Negotiations happen all the time and at all levels. From interviews to interactions for reviews and promotions or for sales interactions and business collaborations, negotiations skills training helps you find better value..

Corporate leadership training
Specifically built for large corporate houses, this training helps the leaders leading the Corporate organisations and large teams.

Customer Delight
Creating and sustaining a happy customer leads to sustained business.

Goal Setting and Visions
At the end of this session, one will have set our goals in the apt manner. The 360 degree goal can be said to be the “Lighthouse” which guides us from all directions.

Building Leadership from Within
A good leadership has to be permanent and everlasting. It should not wane or droop at the slight whiff of air. “How can I build this within myself.” Simple techniques to build oneself into a good leader.

Cultivating Inner Leadership
Sustaining a momentum where one can enliven, imbibe and merge within your inner depths the quality of leadership and success.