Student Training

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Faculty Development
Train the trainer program which enables the faculty of the institution devise creative methods of teaching. The Art of Presenter workshop is included as part of the FDP Program.

Placement Coaching

The key objective of this engagement goes well beyond a Plenary Training or Workshop. It can be equated to an Individual Coaching; wherein each student is transformed to a higher level of engagement.

Technospirit will be pleased to leverage its experience in the Business corporate environment to counsel the students to achieve their career goals.

Technospirit propose a unique tailor-made offering comprising of providing critical inputs that catapult the students in their preparedness for the corporate employment. These include Group discussions, Mock Interviews and Resume building exercises which will strengthen their chances in getting their choice of placement. Business negotiation skills training, communications skills training and executive leadership training are terms that may sound larger than life when it comes to preparing for an interview, but don’t reach that conclusion so early as life in Corporates is getting harder and for those looking to move up the ladder fast, no training is too soon, and no lesson is too big!

The Operational Aspects of this Service-Offering are outlined hereunder:

  1. Duration: Each Student will go through a 8 hour practical hands on coursewith individual attention starting within 7 days of signing this contract.
  2. The structure of engagement– An Outline:

Placement Training – Part-I 

4 hours plenary for the students: This deals with 6 themes and topics of critical importance to all students:

  1. Trends in employer expectations
  2. Aptitude Tests (Overview)
  3. Group Discussions
  4. Interview skills overview
  5. Industry outlook
  6. Profile development techniques


Placement Training – Part-2

Split into groups of 15 each:

120 minutes per group for honing Group Discussion skills. This will be a practical session with multiple mock sessions which will ensure that each student has perfected the necessary skills needed for Group Discussion and will be able to handle any situation or environment. This will also include Public speaking skills / Team behavioral aspects.

60 minutes per group to hone interview skills. This will have mock sessions where each student will get a better insight in learning how to succeed in interviews.

30 minutes per group to ensure Biodata Resume is done correctly. In a small group; customized attention will be given to this essential aspect.


Placement Training – Part-3

Individual Mock Interviews:

10 – 12 minutes exclusive per student. The student will finally go through a 10 minute face to face interview inclusive of a constructive feedback on the Resume and the Interview. This will be the capping stone which will give the final boost to succeed in the placements.