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Negotiation Skills Training Program | Management & Leadership Training

Leaders often introspect and wonder if the direction they are taking is in line with the larger vision they wish to achieve. As a business leader or an entrepreneur, there are times of self doubt, or stagnancy at the professional front. How do you get out of the rut of going with the flow, to create something magical – something big and worthy of your being! Are you able to use your ability to think higher and achieve the goals towards self satisfaction or you not able to get out of the chains of self-doubt that bind you to your present state?

We have a range of solutions including Corporate leadership training, Corporate communication skills training, and Corporate soft skills training. These solutions are tailor made to offer value to you and your organisation, so you can transform the results in line with your short and long term goals.

Achieve your larger goals by changing the way you think. Change your belief system to enable you to guide your daily tasks and routine towards the larger vision and mission. Thinking 10 Crores? Why not 100 Crores? My transformational coaching sessions of a few weeks can truly change your life for the better. Come, let’s take you on a different journey to trek on a path that will lead you to greater glories and achievements. You have it in you! Reach within yourself to extract greatness.

Transformational Coaching sessions: The objective of these transformational coaching sessions is to inculcate the following:

  • Communication skills and Art of Speaking
  • Practical Sessions on Time Management and Prioritization
  • Imbibing Leadership Skills / Art of Delegation / Art of Listening
  • Building Innovation and Creativity.
  • Goal Setting and Supervision
  • Mutual Trust and Respect
  • Sales and Marketing techniques
  • Introspective Approach which increases productivity.
  • Customer delight / Interaction techniques
  • Enabling Joy at Work / Commitment.
  • Negotiation Techniques
  • Review and Integration of all topics.