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1-1 Business Coaching

Series of 12 sessions of 1 on 1 business coaching program will levitate the ordinary businessman, entrepreneur or corporate executive to the next dimension.   This is customized to each individual and works more of a drawing from within rather than a stuffing from outside.   All necessary relevant areas of business would be covered to give a holistic touch to this program

1-1 Past Life Healing

This is a proven technique known to have a permanent solution to:

  • Understand, heal and transform yourself.
  • Self – Destructive Habits, behaviors and thinking patterns.
  • Removal of chronic fears and desires.
  • Reprogram the subconscious for the new” you”


3 stepped process:

  • Identify: the energy patterns, emotions and blocks in the mental, psychic and energy system. You would be facilitated to reach the inner most recesses of your mind which has loads of triggers and blocks. This step helps you go to the problem, the reasons and perceptions when it originated.
  • Resolve:Understand, release, resolve and liberate. You would be aided to clear up the baggage in your emotional, energy and mental body. The unconscious baggage that presently blocks transformation needed for progress, when cleared, gives way for a new path you seek to achieve your purpose.
  • Re-Program:You would be enabled to reprogram your subconscious with responses that are in tune with your goals. This helps you move toward excellence in your present and the future you want to create.


Welcome to your new world!

Everything that you undergo is your experience and the guide only facilitates this experience.   Any information you divulge, if any is strictly confidential.

The process consists of a small consultation of 10 minutes to understand your need followed by a 45 minute guided Therapy; and followed by a 5 minute debrief.   Casual relaxed clothing is fine.

1 – 1 Career Coaching

TechnoSpirit offers its services to enhance the capacity in the following strategic areas, in an out-come targeted training paradigm that is total and long-term:

  1. Heartfulness Meditation and Relaxation techniques Practical Session : 60 minutes FREE of cost.
  2. MBTI and Career Tests
  3. Career choices (Dare to Think beyond Medical and Engineering) : An Interactive session
  4. Executive leadership training: For those at the help or the ones who manage teams, at any level of seniority
  5. Executive communication skills training: to enhance communications, conversations, team bonding and negotiations skills when dealing with internal or external customers.
  6. Employee soft skills training: to sharpen the soft competences so crucial in our interactions
  7. Relationships (Interactive and Exercises on Prejudice, Revenge, Gratitude, Entropy)
  8. Public Speaking : Practical tips with demonstrations to overcome stage fear. Enable any student to be able to speak better using the triple principle of Toastmasters.